Foster Care Fortnight

Mike Dixon

I know its early but I thought it would be nice to get these out so people aren’t rushing around at the last minute. There is a version for the Foster Carers and also a version for your looked after children, we can cover faces or use masks or if taking photos is worrying then just a photo of the placard itself would be great. If anyone still sees foster children who have moved and left care it would be great to get them involved to as we can show their faces and they can be included.


Once they have been printed out and the photos have been taken it would be great if people could include the following hashtags,





#ProudtoHaveBeenFostered (for LAC and Care Leavers)


This will help us get the most impact out of all the photos and messages. If anyone is struggling then they can send their photos to me and I will upload them to the Lets Foster Facebook and Twitter.


If anyone needs more information they can find it here.